Reliable employees are hard to find. If they have worked for a long time on your farm their experience cannot be easily replaced. In case of a conflict with such a valuable employee it makes sense to solve this conflict in a mediation, to put the working relationship back into place.


Rising claims in agriculture:
The job of a farmer has become more and more difficult in recent years. Besides the always very fast technical progress laws, regulations, neighbours who work in a non-agricultural occupation and activists increasingly make the life of a farmer more difficult. Farmers receive not only little recognition for their work, other people are often even openly hostile. Adding the demanding physical work, the long working hours and the fact that work has often to be done on weekends as well and that holidays are difficult to realize for many farmers, the job of a farmer unfortunately has lost a lot of attraction. Therefore, it becomes more and more difficult to find reliable employees for a farm. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep reliable employees.


Stress through pressure on agriculture:
As agriculture is permanently under pressure from various angles and constantly new regulations cause sometimes strong upheavals on a farm, the stress level increases. Based on the high stress level disputes over trifles can easily escalate. An unimportant occasion can lead to a severe conflict between the farm owner and an employee or between to employees. This conflict can lead to laziness, sabotage or even termination of the working contract by the employee. If that employee was a long-term reliable component of the daily work this is a heavy blow for the farm. The working capacity of this well-trained employee cannot be easily replaced. A newly employed employee has to get accustomed with the farm and its peculiarities and the knowledge that was lost with the former employee. This is a time-consuming process. Therefore, it is important to solve this kind of conflicts before they escalate so far that they cannot be controlled any more. If you realize that you need the assistance of an uninvolved third party, because you are to deeply involved yourself or do not find an approach, I would help to bring your working relationship back on a harmonious track.


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