Environmental protection conflicts can occur between various involved parties. Be it neighbours, other companies, authorities or activists. Motivation and goals can differ tremendously. The more involved parties the more confusing is the situation. Environmental protection is a topic that is able to cause strong emotions. Therefore, conflicts about this topic easily escalate. I would love to help you through a mediation to de-escalate the situation and find a common solution.


Water protection:
In the context of water protection, the conditions for fertilizing have been tightened recently. This increases the difficulty to harmonize the necessary fertilizing for a good crop yield with water protection. A good coordination with the responsible officials in charge in local politics and the water protection department is of utmost importance. In case of disagreements a mediator can help to settle the conflicts if all involved parties agree.


Landscape protection:
Many decisions for landscape protection measurements are decided in municipal politics. Ideally all interest groups should be included into the decision-making right from the beginning. Unfortunately, in reality this is often not the case. This can lead to disagreements if certain interest groups feel ignored. I could solve these disagreements via mediation together with you and the other interest groups.


Emission control:
Agricultural production is connected with odours, sounds and dust. Besides legal regulations for emissions personal feelings of neighbours might play a role that feel offended by the emissions. The planning and construction of a new stable or the application of manure might cause conflicts with the neighbours. I would like to assist you in finding a common solution that meets all parties’ interests.


Land use conflicts:
For building projects compensation for environmental protection has to be provided. Or new environmental protection regulations are dictated by politics that result in the establishment of new protection areas. In these cases, decision-makers often claim access to land that has been up to now under agricultural production. To make sure that the reclassification of agricultural land does not lead to escalating conflicts, I accompany the process of decision-making to reach a balance between the interest groups.

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